Red Eyes, Giant Smile- Was my driver high? (Part 1)

Everything felt fine until I saw his eyes. The lower part of his sclera looked as though someone had taken a red brush, painted his eyes from bottom to top and left it midway.


A Typical Dehradun Morning

I wake up with the sound of “Swaach Bharat ka irada, desh se ye wada kar liya”- The Garbage Truck.

The Light in Me

My thoughts are in a loop, constantly taking me to you. I’ve blurred myself from the picture but maybe Maybe my focus should be me, and not you. My thoughts take me to one of the best times of my life And I have different versions depending on my mood. In the first version, I... Continue Reading →

Daily Awareness Practice

In this section, I'll be sharing my daily awareness practice and the results that they have given me. My practices are small and I myself am pretty surprised by the results that these small, easy to be mistaken as insignificant practices have led to.

The vanity of life

Regret is one of the most painful things to experience The one where the guilt kills you away from inside The could-haves, the would-haves All that couldn't be because of you, or the lack of you All in vain- You and your regrets

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